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Rostering made easy – no more scraps of paper!


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At Equus Partners, we are always looking for ways to save our clients time and money. Our latest revelation has been a series of scheduling and employee management systems. We are looking at eliminating those tedious manual processes that are taking you away from the rewarding work that is running your business. And we’ve got a game changer for you. A well-integrated cloud system that will have you saying goodbye to rostering and timesheet worries!

At the moment, this is how it goes…

It’s Sunday night. You’re either at the kitchen table or still at work! You spend hours planning out a roster for the week based on a really good guessing game you’ve been playing for a long time. And you know that chances are that your roster – scribbled all over some paper or spreadsheet – will resemble a piece by Pablo Picasso by the end of tomorrow after 80% of your team calls you to tell you they can’t work the shifts you’ve given them. Sound familiar?

Have you forgotten about how hard it is keeping on top of who’s taking leave and when? How about keeping a grip on making sure you’ve got the right people rostered on for the specific job/shift on the right kind of day? How about tracking which employees have been inducted at each site? How about managing employees who work across multiple sites? Paper is just not the answer.

We’ve been looking for systems that give managers and their employees the tools to work smarter and faster, and employee and timesheet management has been a huge part of that. There is the right scheduling and time management tool for every business big and small. You could be running a restaurant/cafe/gym/cleaning business/maintenance business/construction business. You’re going to love this – No more scraps of paper!

With the right technology, you can roster, communicate with, and apply and approve your employees’  leave with intelligent rostering capabilities. All in one system, you can roster staff according to their availability, training and even sales targets. Systems can even detect busy periods and lulls in your daily sales to roster on less or more team members. You can even project your capacity based on weather forecasts! You can always be sure that you’ve got the right people on at the right time.

Oh, and are you sick of being left hanging when team members call in sick? You can have your rostering kiosk automatically notify the rest of your team when a shift opens up by sending an alert straight to their phones! When a team members wants to pick up a shift, they hit ‘Accept’ and you’ve filled the gap in your roster.

And once the work week is done, export your time sheets to your accounting management system and have your payroll generated at the touch of a button! If you’re sinking hours into writing out rosters, verifying attendance, completing time sheets and pay runs every week, then you’ll want this in your life. Whatever your business, wherever you are, there is a rostering management system that will work for you, so please stop toiling over little bits of paper.

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