At Equus Partners

we love educating & entertaining.

And we love connecting people!


We regularly hold events for anyone to come along to learn a few tricks

about building a better business and creating wealth.

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Xero In Coffee Sessions

Free Xero and cloud FAQ sessions for business owners


Join us at one of our free regular events where we demo Xero and the latest add-ons and help you get the answers to all your Xero and cloud accounting questions.


  • Held regularly at our Melbourne office
  • Free to attend
  • Suitable for existing Xero users
  • Perfect for anyone not yet using Xero




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Start UP!

Network with fellow entrepreneurs and learn from the best


At Equus Partners, we’re passionate about helping entrepreneurs turn great ideas into awesome businesses. We’re also mindful that the period between inception and getting your bootstrap or start up into second gear is a lonely place. So, we set the scene, ice the drinks and bring in the experts to discuss and teach you all things start up, to help you succeed in business.


  • Held the third Thursday of every Month
  • Free to attend
  • Open to Entrepreneurs of all ages from business of all sizes


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5@50 - The 5 Financial Assets you need before age 50 to achieve Financial Freedom

WHAT IS 5 @ 50?

The secret’s out 

Financial Freedom is yours if you want it!  

Only some people will do what it takes to create assets so they can have financial freedom, more time with family and friends – and fulfil their dream of creating a lasting impact.

Will you choose financial freedom?

Will you put yourself first and create the assets you need to live financially free?

Why should I attend?

Does this sound like you?

SCARED TO START – You’ve built a solid foundation after a lot of hard work. But when it comes to your personal assets and finances, you don’t know where to start. So you stall…and stall some more. You’re scared to start because of the fear of failure. While you have targets, performance indicators and metrics in place for your business, your personal wealth plan is next to non existent. You’re getting nowhere fast.

TOO BUSY WITH YOUR BUSINESS & IN LIFE – You’re so focused on the complexities of running your own business, your family, managing your team, caring for your customers and paying your taxes that you’re failing to create assets for yourself outside of your business. You’re too busy to set clear wealth creation goals and targets, so it’s impossible to get to where you want – freedom and a future you will love.

GETTING THE WRONG ADVICE – You’ve been in search of the Oracle, seeking financial advice from ‘experts’ or even well-meaning friends, colleagues or acquaintances. But not all guidance is created equal. Instead of firming your resolve, listening to the wrong people has caused confusion, misdirection and uncertainty. You may even feel burned out by your experiences.

This 2-hour jam-packed event is specially designed for you. We know your time is precious so the focus is on Getting Stuff Done. You will walk away with the knowledge to implement the assets you need for financial freedom, using your existing resources.

Most wealth and financial workshops are focused on ideas only.

But we know how tough it is to get the right advice. That’s why we’ve developed the 5 @ 50 for Freedom Event to maximise the value of your time and focus on action so you get the maximum benefit.


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